T he discovery of placer gold in the Idaho Springs area was not the first in Colorado but together with the Gregory Gulch discovery near Central City, transformed the faltering “Pikes Peak or bust” gold rush into a bona fide stampede. With this rush of people the communities of Idaho Springs, Central City, Golden, Denver and much of Colorado began their development in earnest. The development of Miner Street commercial district paralleled the success of the mines. The first placer operations fostered a temporary community of tents and primitive wood structures. Initial underground operations gave permanence to the community, but it was not until the problems associated with the smelt-ing of sulfide ores were overcome in 1869 that hard rock mining began in ear-nest, and population, wealth, and permanence came to Idaho Springs. This building — Plummer Block #2 — was constructed by Henry Plummer in 1884. The first business was a flour, coal, feed and hay store. Today 1518 Miner Street houses Main Street Restaurant.

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